Envision St. John's Draft Municipal Plan

Envision St. John's Draft Municipal Plan

municipal plan

It has been almost 60 years since the City of St. John’s adopted its first zoning by-law, and thirty years since the City’s first municipal plan was approved under the Urban and Rural Planning Act in 1984. Our existing municipal plan has been in place since 2003.

Envision St. John's was developed as a result of a comprehensive, an intensive consultation process and a new understanding of St. John’s today, and tomorrow.

During the review process, residents told us their vision for the City of St. John's:

  • They want a place where we enjoy a future of continued economic prosperity and diversity…
  • A home where citizens have a strong sense of identity embodied in their understanding and appreciation for their cultural, natural and built heritage…
  • A city of active, healthy citizens, living in affordable, accessible, complete neighbourhoods…
  • A capital that attracts and welcomes investment, residents and visitors from the region, the province and the world.

Envision St. John’s is built on five key themes and one big idea – improving our City and improving our quality of life through effective, visionary planning. The five themes are: