The City’s Purchasing Policy is to have all purchasing of materials, supplies, equipment and services go through the Purchasing Department on a competitive basis, where possible and practical, at the lowest relative cost taking into consideration price, availability, quality and past performance.

The City's Engineering Department is responsible for the tendering of their construction projects.

The City functions under the legislative provisions of the Public Tender Act and Regulations. The act ensures that procurement is conducted in an open and competitive environment to provide fair and equitable opportunities for suppliers to compete for City business. The City also functions under the legislative provisions of the National Agreement on Internal Trade.

Tenders are required to be publicly advertised for goods and services where the estimated cost is more than $10,000 and for public works where the estimated cost is more than $20,000 (taxes extra).

All City Tenders and Request for Proposals are advertised on the City's webpage and in the local newspaper.

Where tenders are not required to be invited, the City obtains quotations from at least three legitimate dealers, suppliers, contractors or lessors by direct quotation, where possible and practicable.

User departments use Low Dollar Value Purchase Orders valued up to $350 plus taxes for urgent and direct access to suppliers of commodities and services.

Suppliers and contractors wishing to register on the City’s source list, should apply to the following address:
 City of St. John’s
Purchasing Department
25 Blackler Avenue
St. John’s, Newfoundland
A1E 3E8

General Enquiries:
Phone: (709) 576-8151
Fax: (709) 576-8470