Emergency Management

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Division is responsible for providing coordination of the City of St. John's Emergency Management Program. The program includes the development and implementation of preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery initiatives for emergencies, disasters and planned events. Through planning, training, exercising, and coordinating with agencies within the City, the division is ready to respond during a crisis.
Key responsibilities of the program include:

  • Identifying major risks and critical infrastructure within the City
  • Developing and maintaining emergency plans and procedures

The City of St. John's Emergency Management Plan is a tool to assist emergency personnel in their response to such situations. In order to use this tool to its full potential, it is important that emergency personnel be aware of their roles and responsibilities within the response framework.

The Emergency Management Plan ensures:

  • Emergency personnel are ready to respond to emergencies through plan development, annual training and emergency exercises
  • Two Emergency Operations Centres (EOC’s) are maintained and tested to centralize response, communications, and coordination efforts in the event of an emergency
  • Mitigation, prevention and recovery strategies are developed with City Departments
  • Promotion of public education and awareness