Telephone, Cellphone and Internet
There are two main home telephone and internet communication providers within St. John's. Bell Aliant and Rogers both have home/mobile telephone and internet services that can be purchased for residential or business purposes. The costs associated with these communication services depend on the type and number of services the individual wishes to purchase.

For individuals who do not wish to enroll in a long distance package with a telephone company, a pre-paid long distance calling card is an alternative. These cards allow the owner to call long distance to many international locations at reduced rates. Cards can be found in grocery stores, large retail outlets and convenience stores throughout the city.

The Community Access Program (CAP) provides public Internet access at over 150 community sites throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Most CAP sites are located in public libraries or community centres. Bell Aliant provides several Internet hot spots throughout the city that allow customers to use the internet with their personal laptop or other wireless device. Cafes and coffee houses often have hot spots or free wireless Internet access. 

Television Services
The main television service providers in St. John's are Bell Aliant and Rogers. The cost of the service varies depending upon the options and packages you choose.

Mail service is provided by Canada Post. Mail boxes can be found throughout the St. John's area. Mail is delivered either to your home or to free-standing mail box units located in your neighbourhood. Additional information on the location of post offices, mailing rates, shipping parcels and change of address can be found at www.canadapost.ca.

Electricity and Heating
Newfoundland Power is the provider of electricity in St. John's. Newcomers to the city will be required to use their service in order to meet their electricity needs. Some homes in the city have a heating furnance that requires the use of heating oil.  A full listing of home heating providers can be found in the Yellow Pages of the St. John's phone book under "Oils-fuel for delivery".  Natural gas heating options are unavailable in St. John's.