Commemorative Programs

Commemorative Programs

Commemorative Bench with PlaqueThe Department of Public Works offers commemorative programs to memorialize the loss of a loved one, or to commemorate a birth, anniversary, graduation or special occasion. 

Tree Planting Program
Our Commemorative Tree Planting Program involves a $350 fee, which includes your choice of tree:

  • evergreen (1.5 m)
  • deciduous (2.5 m) or
  • a flowering deciduous (2.5 m)

As part of the program, the contributor's name will be added to the Commemorative Tree Planting Bulletin Display located at the west entrance to Bowring Park.

Bench in Bowring, Bannerman, or Victoria Park
The cost for this program is $5,000 in Bowring, Bannerman and Victoria Parks. These benches are Victorian style. As part of the commemorative program, the contributor can provide at their own cost a small bronze plaque (7.6 x 25 cm) which the City will attach to an existing or newly installed bench located within the City’s park system. 

Please Note: Due to an abundance of benches at Mundy Pond, Quidi Vidi Lake, and Bannerman Park, the City is no longer able to accept requests for regular style benches in these areas

Benches in other parks
The cost of an open space model bench is $750. A more robust model similar to those found in Bowring, Bannerman and Victoria parks is $1200. A contributor can provide at their cost, a small bronze plaque (7.6 cm x 25 cm) which the City will attach to the bench.

Other Information
The Parks and Open Spaces Division will entertain any request from the public for alternative methods of commemoration.

Persons interested in this program are required to complete a Commemorative Program Form, also available at Access St. John's on the first floor of City Hall.

For the memory stone program at Bannerman Park, please complete this form.

For additional help, contact information or to submit a service request visit Access St. John's