Kenmount Terrace Community Park

Kenmount Terrace Community Park

The newest park in the St. John’s network, Kenmount Terrace Park is located at 85 Messenger Drive. The park covers nine acres and opened to the public in May 2019.


  • Looped asphalt trail, 2.5 metres wide and 500 metres long, provides contoured active walking surface or ‘track’ that links all the park’s activity zones and spaces
  • Pedestrian/bike access from Arial Street
  • Playground featuring a rubber surface, freestanding play activities, large play structure with multiple options, swings, merry-go-round, spider climbing web and inclusive play options
  • Splash pad
  • Skate park: a long linear park with sloping aspects that includes a variety of rails, ramps, transitions and boxes
  • Outdoor basketball and ball hockey court with three 3-on-3 court areas and basketball nets
  • Two dog parks: one for larger dogs and one for small dogs

Park Development

Kenmount Terrace is the first new community park for the City in many years and is keeping with plans outlined by the City of St. John's in the Open Spaces Master Plan released in December 2014 and the Recreation and Parks Master Plan released in 2009.
The City brought together a group of residents in the area to help guide the public engagement process to determine the needs within the community and to make a recommendation on a concept plan to Council.

In 2015, the City of St. John's undertook a public engagement process to gather ideas for a new park in the Kenmount Terrace area. This What we Heard document reflects what was heard throughout that process through a variety of activities including focus groups with kids in the area, discussions with the steering committee, a public workshop and a survey. The ideas generated were used as the concept plan was developed. In June 2015, Council approved the concept plan.

For details, check out the video or view the design sketches.