Trail Maintenance

Trail Maintenance

Trails within the City are maintained by both City staff and a contract with the Grand Concourse Authority.

Trails that are not on City property, such as Pippy Park, are not serviced by the City.
The Grand Concourse Authority provides dog waste bag dispensers, garbage bags, history boards, storyboards and walkway markers and maintains the train cars at the railway coastal museum throughout the City. They also maintain the following trails on City lands:

  • Battery to Signal Hill Walk- Deadman's Pond
  • Beech/Elm (Pine Bud) Trail Segment
  • Caribou Hill Park Trail-St. Mary's School
  • Clovelly Extension to Torbay Road
  • Clovelly Trail
  • Cuckolds Cove Trail (St. John's Section)
  • Harbour Vista Park
  • Harbourside Park
  • Kenny's Pond Trail
  • Lake to Lookout Walk (St. John's Section)
  • Mundy Pond Trail
  • Quidi Vidi Lake Service Building- bandstand & boathouse
  • Quidi Vidi Sculpture
  • Quidi Vidi Trail
  • Rennie's River Trail (St. John's Section)
  • Riverdale to Mundy Pond Walk
  • Rotary Sunshine Park (East Side)
  • Southlands Trail Segment
  • Terry Fox Memorial
  • Trail of the Caribou Memorial (QV)
  • Virginia River to Kenny's Pond Walk
  • Virginia River Walk /Cycling Path (ALL)
  • Waterford River Walk (ALL)

The City of St. John’s maintains the following trails:

  • Abery Memorial (Symes Bridge)
  • Angel's Corner (Prescott St/Duckworth St)
  • Artillery Site Maintenance (Quidi Vidi)
  • Bidgood Park
  • Bishop Spencer Memorial
  • Curtis Academy Memorial (Hamilton Ave at Alexander St)
  • Father Walsh's Hill
  • Fort Amherst/Fredericks Battery
  • Fort Waldergrave
  • Holloway School Memorial (Long's Hill)
  • Holy Cross Memorial (Patrick Street)
  • Iihavo Park (Plymouth Road)
  • Mews Centre
  • Mews Centre & City Depot
  • Mundy Pond to Cowan Heights  to Bowring Link
  • Mundy Pond to Waterford Link
  • New Gower at Queen Street
  • Peace Keeper's Memorial
  • Prince of Whales College Memorial
  • Quidi Vidi Resident's Memorial
  • RNC Monument
  • Royal Memorial Artillery (Quidi Vidi)
  • Tommy Rickett's Memorial