The Loop

The Loop

The Loop, an outdoor ice skating trail, has brought new life to Bannerman Park during the winter months. Families with children, young adults, seniors, community and service groups and others all skate together for free. 
Skaters on The Loop at Bannerman Park
The Loop season
The Loop hours
COVID-19 Restrictions
Making ice
Loop safety

The Loop season
The Loop opens for the season when temperatures are consistently low enough to make and maintain the ice surface. Call the Loop Line at 733-LOOP (5667) to learn if it is open. When weather or ice conditions are unsafe and not suitable for skating, The Loop will close and we will update the Loop Line – so be sure to call before you head out! When temperatures consistently rise and ice can no longer be safely maintained The Loop will close for the season. This will be announced on the City’s website, social media, through local media and the Loop Line..

The Loop hours
Once opened for the season The Loop is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. when ice maintenance is not occurring. Skating is not permitting while ice maintenance is taking place.

The ice maintenance schedule (no skating during these times):

  • Daily: 1-2 p.m.
  • Friday to Monday: 4-5 p.m.

COVID-19 Restrictions
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic new safety requirements are in effect this season:

  • Maximum capacity at The Loop is 80 persons per skating session. 
  • A temporary fence is installed around the perimeter of The Loop, with accessible access at the entryway from the Bannerman Park parking lot along Bannerman Road.
  • Access to The Loop is on a first come, first served basis. We are not able to accommodate ‘bookings’ for skating sessions.
  • Skating sessions are 50 minutes each, starting at the top of the hour, with 10 minutes allotted for skater changeover.
  • Staff will signal the end of the skating session when the ice is to be vacated.
  • All patrons must respect public health measures including keeping 2 metres of physical distance from those that are not close contacts.

There is a parking lot in Bannerman Park off Bannerman Road, with a three hour parking limit. On-street parking is available in the area except where parking restrictions and/or signage indicates otherwise.

Making ice at The Loop
To be suitable for skating the ice on The Loop must be one inch thick. Ice is built in layers, putting on 1/16th of an inch of ice at a time. When building or rebuilding the ice skaters are urged to stay off the ice. When people skate on The Loop before the ice building is complete, pieces of ice can break off and expose the underlying concrete surface. When this happens we have to start the ice building process from the beginning. For the safety and enjoyment of all skaters, please do not skate on The Loop when signs are posted indicating that it is closed.

Making Loop Ice with the ice sprayer                        Resurfacing the Loop ice with the miniature zamboni
Spray bars are used to make the ice.            A small ice resurfacer is used to maintain the ice each day.

Loop Safety
For the enjoyment and safety of all:

  • You must wear skates on the ice, and CSA approved helmets are recommended
  • Skating aids* are permitted, but other equipment is not (i.e. hockey sticks, pucks, strollers, sleds, chairs)
  • Skate forward at a leisurely pace; as racing, speed skating, backwards or figure skating is not permitted
  • Do not stop on the ice surface; if you must stop move off the ice first
  • Dangerous behavior (horseplay, throwing snow) is not permitted
  • No more than two people join hands while skating (no chain skating)
  • Food & drink is not permitted on the ice; smoking and alcohol is not permitted anywhere in Bannerman Park (or any City parks)
  • Do not carry children, including babies in wraps, while on the ice
  • Dogs or other pets are not allowed on the ice

*Skate aids (plastic, see image below) are permitted on The Loop. Skate aids for individuals with mobility challenges are also permitted.