Downtown Street Cleaning

Downtown Street Cleaning

Downtown Street Cleaning Parking Restrictions

Street cleaning removes dirt and debris from city streets to provide an aesthetically pleasing and healthy environment as well as to protect City infrastructure as it prevents physical damage to pavement and reduces the dirt and debris going into storm sewers, thereby enhancing the quality of storm water that undergoes a treatment process.

The City of St. John's plans to sweep each street outside the downtown area at least once a year. The City also provides street cleaning on a demand basis throughout the year in response to traffic or environmental related problems such as oil spills, buildup of debris at intersections and in traffic lanes which may interfere with traffic flow and conditions which may interfere with storm water flow. As outlined in the St. John's Street Cleaning By-Law during this time specific streets scheduled to be cleaned have restricted parking.
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Downtown Street Cleaning
In the spring and summer, the City cleans downtown streets overnight based on a defined schedule. Please view the Downtown Street Cleaning Map to see the boundaries.

Streets that don't have curbs or can't be accessed safely by the mechanical broom are excluded from this regular cleaning schedule. If your street is under total reconstruction including the removal and replacement of all the asphalt surface as well as a major percentage of the curb, gutter and sidewalk the Street Cleaning By-Law will not be enforced.
Stay informed:
Our street cleaning map is updated daily. You can also:


  • The only dates contained in the look up are the scheduled street cleaning nights between May and September. All street cleaning starts at 10 p.m. on the date indicated and will end at 6 a.m. the following day. Vehicles that are not removed during the time indicated will be ticketed.
  • Streets Are Listed Alphabetically In order to reduce confusion, Downtown streets scheduled to be swept have been listed in alphabetical order.
  • Side of the Street to Be Swept Is Determined By Street Numbers In the alphabetical list, the streets to be swept have been designated as Odd, Even or Both. This refers to the civic number on your house. The terms North, South, East and West are not used.
  • Streets May Not Be Swept on the Same Day of the Week The day of the week on which a street will be swept may change throughout the street cleaning period. This has been done to equalize the number of times streets are swept.

What you can do to help?

  • Remove all vehicles from the street at the scheduled times. Any vehicle left on the street during a scheduled cleaning will be ticketed. Please note, all street cleaning starts at 10 p.m. on the date indicated and will end at 6 a.m. the following day. 
  • Do not re-park your vehicle in any area that is scheduled for cleaning as the street cleaner may make several passes on your street.
  • Make a note of all the dates your street is scheduled for cleaning. If you are out of town on any of these dates and your vehicle is left on the street, it will be ticketed so it is best to arrange with a neighbour or friend to move your car for you.

Your cooperation and patience are appreciated. Together, we can keep your neighbourhood clean.