Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming

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The City of St. John's receives numerous requests for traffic calming features such as speed humps, curb extensions and raised crosswalks to address speeding and short-cutting issues. To manage this the City has developed a traffic calming policy, including a warrant and prioritization process, which aids staff in evaluating requests and applying traffic calming devices.



What is Traffic Calming?
Traffic calming is the use of primarily physical traffic management techniques to reduce the impacts of traffic on neighbourhood communities. There are various definitions but they all have common themes of reducing vehicle speeds, improving road user safety and improving neighbourhood quality of life.

How can I get Traffic Calming on my Street?
Requests are evaluated according to the guidelines in the Traffic Calming Policy and warrant system, please review this document before submitting a request. If you think the speed and volume of traffic on your street may be excessive you can submit a request by writing, emailing or faxing the City. Traffic calming will be implemented on eligible streets as funding permits.

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What is the warrant system?
Traffic calming warrants provide guidelines for the appropriateness and implementation of traffic calming measures and are based on 
traffic/pedestrian volumes, operating speeds, collisions/conflicts and other factors. Warrants are developed to quantify the perceived problems raised in traffic calming requests. Often, warrants go beyond a simple minimum score required for traffic calming and offers a means to rank and prioritize potential traffic calming sites, as well as offering guidance for the installation of appropriate traffic calming measures.

Before making a traffic calming request to the City you should familiarize yourself with our warrant system.