Healthy City St. John's

Healthy City St. John's

 Healthy City St. John’s is about making small changes in our neighbourhoods that work to promote healthier people and healthier places that support a healthier future, for everyone.

What Makes a Healthy City?

A ‘Healthy City’ is one where all resident, regardless of their background, or what neighbourhood they live in, have access to the factors and conditions that impact health and wellbeing.

A healthy city is a place where the healthy choice is not only the easy choice, but the logical choice.

To learn more about Healthy City St. John’s see the section on our Healthy City Strategy

For more information on the City of St. John’s Healthy City project, explore the FAQ’s, connect with us by email at, or by phone at (709) 576-8628.

To learn more about what is a ‘Healthy City’, see the videos below from Vancouver's Healthy City for All Initative and BC Healthy Communities on Local Governments & Healthy Communities on Vimeo.