Healthy City Strategy

Healthy City Strategy

In 2018, the St. John’s City Council approved the development of a Healthy City Strategy. The strategy will be a long-term plan focused on building healthy neighbourhoods that support the health, wellness and inclusion of all citizens.

Through stakeholder engagement and research, Healthy City St. John’s identified six ‘Pillars’ to support the strategy, they are:
Six pillars to support Healthy City Strategy

  • Healthy Neighbourhoods & People
  • Urban Design
  • Transportation
  • Environment
  • Housing
  • Inclusion 

In the Healthy City Strategy, each ‘pillar’ has its own respective goal and is supported by healthy city ‘assets’. The assets are the unique building blocks that support healthier neighbourhoods.

The infographic shows how each of the pillars and assets fit together to support a healthy city.

To learn more about the building blocks of a healthy city and how they support the Healthy City Strategy, see Healthy People & Assets below.


Building blocks of a Healthy human

Healthy People & Assets 

To have healthy people, we need to make sure that all residents live in neighbourhoods that support good health and wellbeing.

The Healthy City Strategy aims to improve people’s health and wellbeing by addressing the social determinants of health. Some of which are shown here. To do this, the City of St. John’s will work in collaboration with various levels of government, sectors, and community stakeholders.

The Healthy City Strategy works to improve the determinants of health by supporting healthy city ‘assets’ for every neighbourhood.

These healthy city assets are the building blocks that need to be in present in a City (or neighbourhood) in order to foster health and wellness for all.

Each neighbourhood in our city is unique!

This mean that every neighbourhood will have a different approach to developing their healthy city assets.

Come back to this page often to keep up with the progress of the Healthy City Strategy.