Joshua Jamieson

Joshua Jamieson

One of the things I love most about St. John’s is the blend between work and play; the great public art and access to nature that we have here through many trail systems, gardens, and public parks. Nowhere is this more evident than here in Bowring Park. It’s a place that holds a lot of happy memories. And the Peter Pan statue is a focal point whenever I visit the park.

In 1925, Sir Edgar Bowring unveiled the famous statue of Peter Pan, one of six in the world like it. It was created by British sculptor Sir George Frampton.  3,000 children were there to see it, and the statue is one of my favourites. 

That's the reason it appears in the opening of my short film, Waiting Outside... - that idea of preserved innocence, happiness, and the importance of family connection.

Those all tie in to Waiting Outside’s story, which focuses on a family of two gay dads and their adopted daughter, Scout. One dad is deployed with the military while the other, Simon, remains home caring for Scout. 

In the film Simon receives a terminal diagnosis, and just as we never see Peter Pan grow up, Simon will never get to see Scout grow up. 

Sad as it is, the film emphasizes the importance of making the most of every moment we have together.

So, the events that unfold in the park are incredibly important. The park’s ambiance, charm, and features are almost a character in and of themselves. 

Being in Bowring Park feels like being transported to a different time and place. It’s so quiet and peaceful and I just love as a space to be somewhere else.

Joshua Jamieson is a Communications professional, filmmaker, author and co-creator of a new scholarship to support youth participation in journalism, politics and public affairs (