Thursday, July 28, 2022 - 2:00 PM

Bike Lanes Coming Soon

white bike markings on pavement

In the coming weeks some city streets will see painted unidirectional bike lanes. There are five streets outlined in the 2019 Bike St. John’s Master Plan that are designated to be painted. Council have voted to reinstall and maintain the bike lanes on the following streets:

  • Airport Heights Drive (Parker’s Pond Road to Elderberry Place)
  • Viscount Street (Airport Heights Drive to Shared-Use Path at Portugal Cove Road)
  • Cowan Avenue (Frecker Drive to Topsail Road)
  • Mundy Pond Road and Campbell Avenue (Columbus Drive to Cashin Avenue Ext.)
  • Cashin Avenue Ext. (Mundy Pond Road to Blackmarsh Road)

Residents living on these streets will receive a letter to notify them of the bike lane painting on their street. Streets will be painted with bike symbols and bike lane diamonds.

Unidirectional bike lanes provide one way bicycle traffic for cyclists. It is a designated on-street cycling space for people to ride their bicycles. Painted bike lanes will be on each side of the street with parking typically allowed on one side of the street as shown in the picture below.

It is important to note that vehicles are not permitted to stop or park in bike lanes. There will be a grace period before parking regulations are enforced.

The streets identified are important connections to existing bike routes or shared-use pathways that help create a dedicated network for people cycling in the city.