Wednesday, January 06, 2021 - 8:45 AM

A City That Moves: 2020 Year in Review

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Metrobus: Bus Pass Pilot for Low Income 
In February 2020, the Provincial Government Announced a Bus Pass Pilot Program for Income Support Recipients in the Metro St. John’s Area. "We are excited to partner with the Provincial Government on this very significant program to make public transit available for thousands of people in our city. We are grateful for the substantial investment in these individuals, families and in public transportation. For those receiving income support in the metro-area, this will greatly improve access to employment opportunities, education, participation in the community, and better access to other important services," said Councillor Ian Froude

New Pay Stations are Cashless
Installed in October 2020, the first lot of new pay stations have multiple payment options including most credit cards, debit cards and mobile payment. A total of 24 pay stations are installed on Water Street between Queen Street and Ayre’s Cove, and on Duckworth Street between Prescott Street and Cochrane Street, servicing approximately 90 parking spaces. 

Bike Master Plan 
Kelly's Brook Shared-Use-Path is the first catalyst project coming from the Bike St John's Master Plan. The shared-use path will extend from King's Bridge Road to Columbus Drive. The shared-use path will be designed for people of all ages and abilities.Public input will inform design elements such as lighting, surface material choice, path alignment, trailhead and rest area design and wayfinding.

Bay Bulls Road Street Upgrading 
Phase 3 (Old Bay Bulls Road to Long Beach Street) – The project included upgrading the existing rural street cross section to a 17.5 meter street cross section which includes sidewalks on both sides.  A new storm sewer was also installed.

Water Street Upgrades –Ayre’s Cove to Clift’s Baird’s Cove complete
This year saw the third phase of a five-year construction project to rehabilitate water and sewer infrastructure on Water Street. When complete, the capital improvement project will see replacement and rehabilitation of 100-year old water mains and sewer lines and combined sewer separation between Waldegrave Street and Prescott Street.

Hebron Way Extension Project
Work started in spring and the road opened on November 18. The goal of the extension is to reduce traffic congestion on Torbay Road by providing an alternate route to the Torbay Road North Commercial Area. 

Kenmount Road Upgrades – Peet to Pippy Completed 
This year was the third year for construction work required to upgrade the entire length of Kenmount Road to the Team Gushue Highway overpass.