Monday, July 06, 2020 - 3:45 PM

Council Extends Interest Relief and Expedites Application Process for Outdoor Spaces

In light of the economic impact the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have on residents and businesses, City of St. John’s Council is pleased to announce it has extended the interest free period on residential and commercial property taxes and water tax to December 31, 2020, from the previously announced date of August 31, 2020.

Additionally, during today’s meeting, two changes have been made regarding development applications.

Downtown Commercial Development
A Discretionary Use application was approved for Outdoor Eating Areas and Lounges for Commercial Zones in the Downtown, located outside of the Water Street Pedestrian Mall. Applications for outdoor patios located on city owned sidewalks or parking lanes will no longer require a discretionary use application and public advertisement. This will reduce the amount of time required for individual businesses to utilize outdoor space.

Outside Downtown Commercial Development
For any Discretionary Use application that is outside of the Downtown an e-poll decision of Council is being implemented to speed up the process following public advertisement. Discretionary use application fees will also be waived, as previously announced.