Tuesday, December 15, 2020 - 2:00 PM

Give the Gift of Play

logo for REAL. A purple & red kite with the letter R in it. Below are letters R. e. A. l. and the word Program underneath

This holiday season consider giving the gift of play to a child in need.

The REAL Program provides recreation & leisure opportunities to children & youth in financial need. It costs approximately $100 to provide a program or class space for one young person.

Options to donate:

  • Online using your RECconnect account: stjohns.ca/real
  • By phone: 576-8684
  • By email: real@stjohns.ca
  • In person: Mews & Paul Reynolds Community Centres, Access St. John's at City Hall

Holiday-themed cards, 5 for $20, are also available for purchase. Drop in to the Mews or Paul Reynolds Community Centres or Access St. John's at City Hall to purchase cards.

The REAL program is administered by the City of St. John’s, however, program spaces utilized by REAL participants are fully dependent on financial or in-kind donations.