Friday, April 03, 2020 - 4:15 PM

Handling your Waste during the COVID-19 Pandemic

crushed bottle
The City is responding and adjusting to the potential and anticipated effects of COVID-19 on our workforce. As a result, recycling collection has been suspended and the Residential Drop-Off at Robin Hood Bay have been closed.
Although we want to continue to encourage recycling, our current focus is on the uninterrupted collection of garbage. 
The RDO was closed to enforce social distancing. Prior to closure the public were coming in close contact with one another as they traveled from vehicles to the bins, often assisting one another with heavy items, and approaching staff with questions on where to place items.
So what do I do with my recycling and extra garbage?
If you have space, continue to recycle the same as you do now. If properly cleaned & prepared, recyclables will not attract pests. 
If space is an issue then here are some ideas...
  1. Wash your recycling containers, properly cleaned & prepared, recyclables will not attract pests.
  2. Crush cans, bottles, tins and plastic milk containers to ease the amount you can store. To crush a bottle, remove the cap and simply crumple it between your hands, or stomp on it. Crushed cans and bottles can still be recycled and take up way less space.
  3. Flatten or break down cardboard boxes; this will dramatically increase the amount you can store. Using a box or container, or bundle carboard with twine to store items flat.
In this unique circumstance, recyclables can be put in the garbage. This is an unfortunate, short-term solution that no one likes; residents in the City have been supportive of our recycling program from the start. However, this step is necessary at this time if storage is an issue for your home.  Unfortunately, any items placed in your bin or put at the curb at this time will go to the landfill. 
If you are doing spring cleaning or renovations during this time, please include a plan to store your waste until such time as it is safe to reopen the RDO. Please do not use private or public waste receptacles or bins to dispose of trash unless you have been given permission to do so by the owners.
And please, don’t litter. 
Littering in your community is a long-term problem for everyone and only a short-term solution for you that may result in fines and penalties.
We commit to keeping you informed and will provide an update on recycling and the RDO as soon as one is available. For the most up-to-date information on City services during this situation, please visit