Friday, October 08, 2021 - 3:00 PM

Labyrinth Ribbon Cutting in Bowring Park

On Friday, October 8, members of City Council, in partnership with the Bowring Park Foundation, and the Cahill Family Foundation, marked the official opening of the Labyrinth in Bowring Park.

“Congratulations and thank you to members of the Bowring Park Foundation and the Cahill Family Foundation for supporting the Labyrinth project,” said Councillor Sandy Hickman, council representative for the Bowring Park Foundation. “This is a wonderful new feature for the park and the city as a whole. The Labyrinth, among other amenities in our park, provides important health benefits to residents.”

The $227,000 project is funded in part by a $125,000 donation from the Cahill Family Foundation, with the City and the Bowring Park Foundation sharing the remaining cost.

The Labyrinth is located in the west end of the park in an area known as the Squires Property. Positioned close to the South Brook Trail, it is a part of the Grand Concourse Trail network.

From left to right: Sheri Wicks, Fred Cahill, Mayor Breen, Councillor Hickman.

Mayor Breen brings greetings at the official opening ceremony for the Labyrinth at Bowring Park.

Attendees at the opening of the Labyrinth event.