Friday, January 15, 2021 - 12:00 PM

Message from the Mayor: Snowmageddon One Year Later

"One year ago this week we were getting ready for a snow storm that we knew would be a big one, but we had no idea just how much that storm would impact our city and our organization. Many people called it ‘Snowmageddon’. I call it one of the greatest operational challenges the City of St. John’s has ever faced.
The storm that hit us was unprecedented.
On January 17 (2020) at 11 a.m. I declared a state of emergency. States of Emergency are not called very often, especially in St. John’s. In fact, it has been more than 34 years since we have had to do so, and it’s not a decision I took lightly.
From the first night of the storm, I was amazed and proud of the way our staff managed this crisis. From our plow operators and support team, who worked tirelessly long hours to clear our City streets; to our firefighters who responded to emergencies, including a potential avalanche at the Battery; to our communications staff who responded to over 90 media inquiries and issued hundreds of communiques through our website and social media channels; to our Access Centre staff, who answered thousands of calls and emails with requests for information and support; to all our staff for stepping up, pitching in, contacting clients and assisting in any way possible – thank-you. Snowmaggedon once again demonstrated your commitment to quality service and dedication to the people of St. John’s."

- Mayor Danny Breen