Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 6:00 PM

Neighbourhood Profiles

Neighbourhood Map

As St. John’s becomes a more livable city with a wide range of amenities, programs, and services that support a healthy quality of life and an increasingly welcome community, the city is becoming larger in scale and increasingly diverse. Smaller communities, local cultural areas, and neighbourhoods are the core building blocks for city programs, services, and policies.

Our Neighbourhood Profiles section identifies the features in 26 distinct areas,developed to help local government and community organizations with long-term planning by creating meaningful boundaries to assist with the collection of long-term data over time.

These neighbourhood boundaries were developed using man-made boundaries such as major roadways, former municipal borders, and natural boundaries such as river and lakes. Choices about neighbourhood boundaries were made to make the data in the profiles useful to as many users as possible and are not intended to be statements or judgments about where a neighbourhood starts or ends. Neighbourhood Profiles also include neighbour-focused plans and information for the residents and visitors of St. John’s and will assist those who need the statistical information for program planning, community outreach, development, and also those who may be relocating. The social information that will be included can help to make residents and visitors aware of the many activities and amenities that are available to them in their own neighbourhood as well as neighbouring areas.

The section includes useful maps, information and a tool to help you locate your property within the City's 26 neighbourhoods.