Friday, November 13, 2020 - 2:30 PM

Neighbourhood Profiles Series: Kent's Pond

John Kent

Nestled in the northeast part of the city, Kent's Pond neighbourhood is largely residential with convenient schools, trails, a community centre, playgrounds, and parks. Surrounded by conveniences, Kent's Pond is a popular residential location with easy access to highways, shopping, and nature.
Did you know…Kent's Pond earned its new name after the second Premier (Prime Minister) of Newfoundland, reformer and patriot, John Kent, who built his farming estate on the shores of Kent's Pond?
The area of Kent's Pond, once known as Middle Long Pond, became more and more appealing to the professional and mercantile classes during the mid-1800s as new roads opened up the region. The scenic location, particularly around the ponds, became the place to be to participate in country picnics, shooting parties, even horseback riding, and the lucky and the wealthy were able to live there.
Today, neighbourhood parks provide nearby recreation and leisure opportunities in high-density residential areas. Spruce Meadows Park offers play and leisure opportunities as well as open space and walking trails.

The neighbourhood is also home to MacMorran Community Centre , a not-for-profit organization offering support and resources to members of the surrounding community. Some programs and services include:

  • After-school Programs
  • Career and Employment Programs
  • Teen Programs
  • Seniors Programs
  • Building Rental and Gym Space
  • Public Computer and Internet Access
  • Fitness Programs
  • Outreach House