Monday, May 31, 2021 - 11:30 PM

New Social Media Framework

username @CityofStJohns for social media with profile picture of the City logo the text St. John's with a line underneath

A new framework for the City of St. John's social media feeds was recently launched to better align with key themes of Our City, Our Future the City’s Corporate Strategic Plan 2019-2029 as well as the interests of residents, visitors and other stakeholders. 

The primary corporate social media account continues as @CityofStJohns and we’ve introduced or rebranded other accounts to streamline social media communications by theme and content type.

The City of St. John’s recognizes that social media plays an important and influential role in communications and the new social media channels aim to keep residents, businesses, visitors and all stakeholders informed on the City news, notices and events that matter most to them.

Strategic Initiavites
City News and Announcements
City Council
Legal – Legislation and Bylaws

Engagement Initiatives
Decisions of Council
Citizen Surveys
Site Planning / Discretionary Land Use Applications / Zoning

Public Works Notifications
Road Constructions
Snow Clearing
Curbit Waste Collection 

Sustainability Initiatives
Energy Reduction
City Budget/Finances
Land use and Preservation
Backyard Composting/ Waste Diversion

Continuous Improvement Projects

Parks and Trails
Arts and Culture
Special Event, Festival & Fun Activities
Community Centres News & Updates Animal Adoptions
Pet Ownership
City Animal Policies Doing Business with St. John's
Development & Investment Attraction
Economic Indicators / State of the Economy Location Immigration Partnership (LIP)
Employment / Labour Needs
Education / Training
Immigrant Integration and Retention Regional Fire Services
Fire Prevention