Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - 1:00 PM

New Story from Joshua Jamieson

Joshua Jamieson

Our City, Our Story shares the personal stories of your neighbours about what matters to them most about this place we call home.

Our newest story comes from Joshua Jamieson, a Communications professional, filmmaker, author and co-creator of a new scholarship to support youth participation in journalism, politics and public affairs ( www.jamiesonfamilyscholarship.ca). Jamieson explains why Bowring Park is important to him and the role it plays in his short film, Waiting Outside.

Watch and read his story here, and visit the project page for more stories from St. John's residents.

St. John’s aspires to be a place where people feel connected, have a sense of belonging, and are actively engaged in community life. Having a sense of place is key to belonging and, as the StoryCenter explains, "sense of place is the basis of many profound stories… insights into place give us insight about your sense of values and connection to the community.”