Monday, July 17, 2017 - 2:30 PM

Over $16,000 in Grants Awarded to Heritage Property Owners

Heritage building

The City of St. John’s has awarded over $16,000 to seven city residents who applied to the Heritage Financial Incentives Program in 2017.

The Heritage Financial Incentives Program aims to conserve heritage resources by assisting property owners with financial grants to maintain buildings and homes located in the City's Heritage Areas (see map) or properties designated as Heritage Buildings. In 2016, the first year of the incentive program, over $42,000 in grant funding was awarded to 14 successful applicants.

Also in 2017, the City has designated seven new Heritage properties, for a total of 152 designated properties in the City. Since 1977 the City has been designating heritage buildings in its Registry of Designated Heritage Buildings and property owners are encouraged to consider their properties for designation.

The application for heritage grants for 2018 will open in the fall.