Monday, December 11, 2017 - 6:00 PM

Panel to Review Audit Function Announced as part of Budget 2018

Responding to calls from the public for the establishment of a Municipal Auditor General in order to improve the City’s governance and enhance transparency and accountability, the City of St. John’s will establish a panel to review and advise on the best governance process for its Internal Audit function.

“Considering the establishment of a Municipal Auditor General is an important step towards complete openness and transparency for municipal operations,” said Mayor Danny Breen. “We want to assure the public they can have confidence in the spending of their tax dollars. If an independent panel feels this approach is best for the City then we will certainly consider that option.”

Currently, the City’s Internal Audit department brings a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the City’s risk management, control and governance. Unlike both the Provincial and federal Auditors’ General, the City’s Internal Audit is not defined through a bylaw; however, there are mandate and charter documents which were approved by Council.

“Our internal audit department has existed for a number of years and is comprised of two staff members – the City Internal Auditor, and a Senior Internal Auditor,” explained Councillor Dave Lane, lead Councillor on Finance and Administration.

The office reports to Council through the Audit Committee in terms of the work to be carried out. Administrative issues are overseen by the City manager’s office, and the scope of work is as defined by the Audit Committee and can include a review of any of the City operations with the exception of the financial statements of the City, which are audited by an external auditing firm.

“In order to determine the best and most transparent approach, we are pleased to have an expert three-person panel in place,” said Councillor Lane. “I look forward to working with this panel as they develop their recommendations, which will be made public upon completion.”

The members of the panel are currently being identified and will be announced in the coming weeks.