Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 2:30 PM

Pet Safe Keeping Program: Foster Homes Needed

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As recently announced at a City Council meeting, City of St. John's Humane Services will be working with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and emergency shelters to find temporary accommodations for pets that are owned by victims of intimate partner violence in the city. 
“We are putting a call out to residents and animal lovers in the City of St. John’s today,” said Mayor Dennis O’Keefe. “If you are able to temporarily foster an animal in need please submit an application form to the division of Humane Services and support this important need in our community. By signing up you are helping to support victims of violence and you will have an opportunity to temporarily share your home with a loving animal.”
Studies have shown that decision-making regarding leaving an abusive situation is negatively impacted by the presence of a companion animal. Since emergency shelters are often unable to accommodate pets, many victims delay leaving an abusive situation out of fear for what might happen to their pet. 
“In recent years the RNC has taken a number of positive steps in addressing domestic and intimate partner violence in our community,” said William Janes, Chief of Police. “One of those steps has been to reach out to community partners to help end the continuum of violence. We are pleased that Humane Services, has agreed to work with us and emergency shelters to find temporary accommodations for pets of victims of violence. For many victims of intimate partner violence, their relationship to their pet is the strongest positive connection with another living being. We are very pleased that the City of St. John’s through the Humane Services has agreed to partner with us on a Pet Safe Keeping Program.”
Requests for emergency shelter for a pet will be received by Humane Services from partner organizations such as RNC. Individuals requesting temporary pet accommodations must be a resident of St. John’s.
Upon receiving requests, Humane Services will make arrangements to admit and secure pets. The application form for residents who are able to foster a pet (for up to 30 days) is available on the City’s website.
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