Friday, September 07, 2018 - 5:15 PM

Resources for Residents: Petty Harbour Long Pond Water


Manganese is an essential nutrient that is found in air, food, consumer products, soil and drinking water. Food is the main source of exposure to manganese, however manganese is more easily absorbed by the body from drinking water than from food. Currently, the City is experiencing higher than normal levels of manganese in the water supply originating at Petty Harbour Long Pond.

Information from Health Canada on Manganese
Drinking Water Guidelines (Manganese)
Public Consultation Document on Manganese, Health Canada

Information from the City of St. John's
Public Service Announcement, Sept. 28, 2018
Public Service Announcement, Sept. 20, 2018
Public Service Announcement, Sept. 10, 2018
Statement from the Mayor, Sept. 4, 2018
City Now: Video Interview on Manganese
Manganese: What it is, what it isn't Infographic
Fact Sheet with Updated Information, August 29, 2018
Map showing the region of St. John's serviced by Petty Harbour Long Pond
List of streets serviced by Petty Harbour Long Pond
Public Service Announcement, August 28, 2018
General Information on the Issue

A water filling station for residents in the impacted areas is open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Self-serve, and you must bring your own container.

To assist individuals who have difficulty carrying heavy water containers, the station at the City Depot, 25 Blackler Avenue will be manned from 1 - 4 p.m. daily.

  • City Depot at 25 Blackler Avenue (open 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. with an attendant from 1 - 4 p.m. to assist you, if required) 
  • Jensen Camp Pump Station at 85 Jensen Camp Road (closed on September 28 - see PSA)
  • Kenmount Road Pump Station at 515 Blackmarsh Road opposite Redmond’s Road (closed on September 28 - see PSA)
  • Riverhead Wastewater Treatment Plant at 209 Southside Road (closed on September 28 - see PSA)

How to store and collect water - fact sheet

If you are an area resident with mobility issues, the City may be able to assist you. If you require assistance in accessing clean drinking water and your tap water is currently discoloured, please reach out to staff at the Access St. John’s by calling 311 or 754-CITY (2489) to discuss your situation.