Thursday, December 05, 2019 - 11:30 AM

Social Inclusion Award for Independent Living

Recently the City’s Inclusive Services team received the Social Inclusion Award for Independent Living from Empower, the Disability Resource Centre.
This award is presented to a group or organization who has created opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in the wider community. For over 25 years the City of St. John's has supported persons with a disability, and/or individuals requiring support to participate in recreation and leisure programs.
The City’s Inclusive Services team spearhead many programs, services and initiatives that exemplifies the City’s Strategic Direction to foster ‘a city where people feel connected, have a sense of belonging and are actively engaged in community life’. The team also coordinate the City’s Inclusion Advisory Committee and associated working groups and provides inclusion training to City staff and partners to further inclusion in the community.
“I am so incredibly proud of our Inclusive Services team as well as all Community Services and Human Resources staff who work so hard to break down the barriers that limit citizens from engaging in meaningful participation in our city,” says Deanne Stapleton, Council representative on the Inclusion Advisory Committee. “Although the Inclusive Services team lay the foundation for inclusive programs and services, they are supported by many inclusion champions throughout our organization.”
Congratulations to the entire Inclusive Services team on receiving this well-deserved award. Learn more about the services and programs they offer on the City website.

City of St. John's representatives (left to right) that accepted the Social Inclusion Award for Independent Living:

Natalie Godden, Manager of Family and Leisure Services
Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O’Leary
Trisha Rose, Inclusive Services staff
Stacey Roberts, Inclusive Services staff
Councillor Deanne Stapleton, Council representative Inclusion Advisory Committee
Carol Barron, TIME (Together in Movement and Exercise) Program staff
Mayor Danny Breen

Missing from photo:
Vanessa Bambrick and Sherry Mercer, Inclusive Services staff