Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 8:30 AM

Summer Employment with the City

a dozen children on a group paddle board with an adult leader at each of the front and back of the paddle board. Everyone is wearing personal floatation devices, is using a paddle as they paddle on a lake away from the camera

The City of St. John’s hires approximately 150 staff to supervise and deliver summer programs and activities. Day camps, activity centres and outdoor pools require qualified recreation program staff, outdoor instructors and lifeguards to ensure programs are run effectively and safely.
We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic and energetic individuals who have a combination of work and/or volunteer experience and education. Applications are welcomed from a wide variety of post-secondary education fields, as well as high school students.
Successful applicants receive hands-on, practical training in a fun, team-based learning environment including:

  • High Five - Canada's quality standard for children's recreation and sport
  • Standard First Aid & CPR
  • Leadership, professional development, team dynamics, and more

The application deadline for summer employment opportunities is Thursday, April 1, 2021. View all job listings at

Read the spring City Guide article that highlights how three City staff began their careers during City of St. John's summer employment.

A female adult wearing a City of St. John's work shirt cuddles while touching heads with a female child, both are looking at the camera

Once a day-camp participant herself, Nicole Murphy started her career with the City as a camp Counselor and is now a Fieldworker at the Shea Heights Community Centre.

“The training and guidance I obtained as a young employee certainly influenced my career choice,” said Nicole.


Morgan Hatcher is another former day-camp participant that now works with the City as a Recreation Counsellor.

“I always loved hearing the kids I worked with say they enjoyed the program or they had a really great day or week at camp because that meant I was doing my part as a counselor to help create a fun and positive space for kids to spend their summer days.”


Kevin Breen is the City Manager of the City of St. John's, and began his career at the afterschool program at the Wedgewood Park Recreation Facility while he attended university.

“Tackling problems in a team environment, communicating with parents, resolving conflict and so many other transferable skills,” City Manager Kevin Breen says about what he learned during his first job with the City of St. John’s.