Tuesday, July 13, 2021 - 10:00 AM

Tax Receipt Tool at EngageStJohns.ca

pie chart with test: 2022 Budget St. John's

Have you ever considered how much of your tax bill pays for the various programs and services the city offers?

A new tool, called the Tax Receipt on our budget engagement page allows you to input the assessed value of your property and see that breakdown line for line, just like any other receipt.

The tool breaks down your tax bill to show you how what you pay annually, funds City programs and services such as recreation programs, public transit, garbage and recycling, or general City operations.

Please note, the Tax Receipt does not capture costs for the provision of water and waste water services which is funded through a separate water tax. In 2021 water tax was $620.

Check out the Tax Receipt tool at EngageStJohns.ca and leave your feedback on this and other tools available on this site as we engage with you on Budget 2022.