Friday, April 09, 2021 - 9:00 AM

Thank You to all Animal Care and Control Officers

Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week is April 11 to 17, 2021.

Did you know? The City of St John's Animal Care and Control Officers are empathic and compassionate people who are highly skilled and trained.

The City of St. John’s Animal Care and Adoption Centre employs Animal Control officers who are trained in:

  • animal welfare
  • municipal enforcement
  • animal care of multiple species
  • animal behaviour
  • animal infectious disease detection and prevention 

Our officers often partner with law enforcement, housing services, mental health providers and emergency shelters to assist pets of people in crisis.

During their work, our officers have successfully retrieved escaped or stray chickens, parrots, snakes, domestic rats and rabbits, ferrets, turtles and many more!

Although it seems like a pretty cool and fun job, our officers do not spend their days playing with puppies and kittens. While those small moments and snuggles can make a bad day a little brighter, they face a wide variety of demands through their work. 

"We are very grateful for our Animal Control Officers - thank you for the good work you do," says Cindy McGrath, Manager, Humane Services.

Image shows cat that came into Humane Services with a severe wound. It took several months to heal completely. He was soon adopted and the new owner continued his wound management at home – he is now all healed. 

Image shows a dog recovering from a neuter. An Animal Control Officer is comforting the dog.

This is a staff member’s ‘cat pouch’ hoodie where kittens and cats can be found hanging out at the Animal Care and Adoption Centre.