Friday, August 20, 2021 - 2:29 PM

Road Construction - August 23-27

Various Locations
Start Date: 
Monday, August 23, 2021 - 7:00am to Friday, August 27, 2021 - 7:00pm

Contractors may be working on the following streets from August 23-27 under the City’s annual streets rehabilitation and infrastructure maintenance programs.  Work could include concrete/street excavation, concrete work, paving, heater scarifying, utility adjustment, ditch cleaning and culvert installation.  Commuters may experience traffic delays in these areas:
Airport Heights Drive (Argus Place to Otter Drive)
Alice Drive
Bannerman Road (at Parking Lot)
Battery Road at Fort Waldegrave
Blackmarsh Road (opposite Mercers Lane)
Botwood Place
Carrick Drive (civic #1)
Churchill Avenue (opposite civic #99)
Columbus Drive
Conway Crescent
Dublin Road
Edgecombe Drive
Empire Avenue (adjacent 93A Newtown Road)
Firdale Drive
Freshwater Road (civic #242)
Green Street
Guy Street (Baltimore Street to Whiteway Street)
Hamlyn Road
Kenna’s Hill
Larkhall Street at Vinnicombe Street
Logy Bay Road (various locations)
Long Pond Road (civic #45)
Lunenburg Street
Macdonald Drive (civic #’s 35-37)
Merrymeeting Road (Civic #203)
Mount Cashel Road (Horwood Street to Torbay Road)
Nagle’s Place (Park Entrance to Civic #53)
Newfoundland Drive (various locations)
New Gower Street
Newtown Road (civic #119)
Power’s Court
Sackville Street
Torbay Road (Gleneyre Street to Newfoundland Drive)
Torbay Road (various locations)
Water Street (Civic #88)
Wedgeport Road
Commuters may also experience traffic delays and should be wary of milled asphalt areas due to grind and patch operations on the following streets: 
Bay Bulls Road
Brookfield Road
Campbell Avenue
Columbus Drive
Empire Avenue
Freshwater Road
Golf Avenue
Kenmount Road
Mayor Avenue
Merrymeeting Road
Mundy Pond Road
Newtown Road
Old Bay Bulls Road
Pennywell Road
Ropewalk Lane
Southside Road
Stamp’s Lane
Thorburn Road
Waterford Bridge Road
Other local/residential streets may have ongoing construction and affected homeowners and businesses have been notified separately.