Appeal Board Hearing: 11 Tiffany Lane

Wed, 2021/04/07 - 12:15pm

The following appeal under the City of St. John’s Development Regulations will be heard virtually by the Appeal Board on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 12:15 p.m.

  • Decision of City Council to reject the St. John’s Development Regulations Amendment Number 716, 2021, to rezone land at 11 Tiffany Lane from the Residential Medium Density (R2) Zone to the Apartment Medium Density (A2) Zone and to amend Apartment Building and Personal Care Home standards within the A2 Zone. This rejection is based on the proposed development being too intense for the area; and
  • the Decision of Council to reject the associated Land Use Assessment Report (LUAR) for 11 Tiffany Lane, dated November 19, 2020, showing two 6-storey buildings to be used as Personal Care Homes; and
  • the Decision of Council to reject parking relief for 496 spaces for the proposed use of 11 Tiffany Lane as a Personal Care Home as per Section 9.1.2(1) (Parking Relief) of the St. John’s Development Regulations.

Any persons whose properties are affected by the above-noted appeal has the right to be heard and to give evidence thereon. If there is an intention to appear before the Board, you are requested to notify the City Clerk at or by calling 576-3158.