Appeal Board Hearing - 2 Barrows Road

Mon, 2021/10/18 - 9:30am

The following appeal under the City of St. John’s Development Regulations will be heard virtually by the Appeal Board on Wednesday October 27, 2021 at 12:15 pm:

Decision of City re deferral of Application for Development Approval for a Driveway Extension at 2 Barrows Road due to an area on property that is identified as a wetland and associated buffer.  This area is within a larger study area where Council is undertaking the 2021 Wetlands Study – Phase 2.  Any development in this area is premature subject to Section 5.1.3(4) Planning Studies – Deferral of Applications, where “Council may defer decisions on development applications and/or applications for an amendment to these Regulations within a specified area where Council has directed that a planning study or other similar study, pertaining to the future use and development of the specified area, be undertaken.” 
Any persons whose properties are affected by the above-noted appeal has the right to be heard and to give evidence thereon.  If there is an intention to appear before the Board, you are requested to notify the City Clerk at or by calling 709-576-8619.