Application - 13 Linegar Avenue

Tue, 2017/01/10 - 12:00pm

A Discretionary Use application has been submitted to the City of St. John’s by Bell Mobility Inc. requesting concurrence to construct a telecommunications tower located at 13 Linegar Avenue (located 1km from Linegar Avenue along the former Shea Heights Access Road).
In accordance with its obligations under the Radio Communications Act and Industry Canada’s Tower Siting Procedure CPC-2-0-03, the City of St. John's hereby notifies residents in the vicinity of 13 Linegar Avenue of Bell’s intention to construct a telecommunications tower system consisting of:

  • a steel monopole tower measuring 15 m in height (this is to include the telecommunications antennas and lighting rod);
  • a tower base measuring less than 1.5 m on either side;
  • a 2 m x 2.44 m equipment shelter at the base of the tower; and
  • a 3 m high steel wire fence surrounding the shelter and the tower (6 m x 12 m)

Information regarding this application may be viewed at the Department of Planning, Development and Engineering, third floor, St. John’s City Hall. For further information, please phone 709-576-6192 or by email

Any person wishing to make a submission on this application must provide a signed written statement to the Office of the City Clerk by noon, Tuesday, January 10, 2017, either by mail: P.O. Box 908, St. John’s, NL, A1C 5M2; fax: 709-576-8474 or email: Written submissions received will become a matter of public record and will be included in the agenda for the regular meeting of Council on Monday, January 23, 2017, at which time Council is scheduled to make a decision on this application.

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