2020 Ward 2 By-Election - Campaign Contributions and Expenses

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

As per Section 5 (1) of the St. John’s Election Finance By-Law No. 1506 (approved October 15, 2007) as outlined below, please find attached the contributions and expenses disclosures for all candidates from the October 2020 Ward 2 by-election.
5. (1) All candidates in an election, including those not elected, shall, not more than 90 days after the election, file with the returning officer a statement in the required form and made under oath or affirmation stating:
               (a) the total amount of the contributions received by him or her;
               (b) each contribution from a corporation or trade union and the contributors of those amounts.
               (c) each contribution from an individual that exceeds $250.00 and the contributors of those amounts