Heritage Buildings

Publication Date: 
Monday, February 14, 2022

The history and heritage of St. John’s is significant to the history and unique character of the province. The remains of our early heritage are evident in the patterns of streets and buildings and their orientation to the harbour. This historic fabric – particularly in the downtown – has resulted in interesting streetscapes and scenic views that have a high social, cultural and economic value. Preserving historic buildings maintains a human scale of structure and detail that are not often achieved in new development, while historic districts enhance our perspective, understanding and awareness of our past and contribute to our sense of identity and pride.

Council may designate buildings of historic or architectural significance as heritage buildings, including those that are unique, rare, or exceptional, as well as those that represent examples of common or ordinary buildings of historic significance. Heritage Building designations ensure that exterior renovations or alterations retain the heritage character of the building, including the façade or other physical features of architectural or historical significance in accordance with the St. John’s Development Regulations.

The attached list of houses, commercial buildings and public buildings have been designated as Heritage Buildings by the St. John’s Municipal Council.

Heritage Buildings Map