St. John's offers many shopping options from downtown specialty boutiques, to shopping malls and big box centres. Business hours may differ from store to store and on various days of the week. Most businesses operate seven days per week with some stores open 24-hours.

St. John's has two large covered malls - the Avalon Mall on Kenmount Road and the Village Mall on Topsail Road - both of which are served by multiple Metrobus routes (public transit) and are major bus transit points.

St. John's also offers two major big box centres - one on Stavanger Drive and the other on Kelsey Drive - both with multiple large retailers.

Downtown offers a wide variety of specialty shops, boutiques, galleries and restaurants.

Keep in mind that products do not have the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) included in the sticker price, so you will pay an additional 15 per cent on most items at the checkout.