Fort Amherst

In 1771 the King of England ordered a defensive tower to be built at the head of St. John's harbour with the purpose of defending it and the surrounding fishing grounds from French enemy forces. Between 1773 and 1777 a casemated masonry tower with a lead roof and a barbette battery were built here. The battery was armed with four 18 pound cannons and four 24 pound cannons
When British forces left North America they left the battery and tower intact.  In 1813 Newfoundland's first light house was built here on top of the original battery. The foundation to the lighthouse can still be seen today underneath the current lighthouse.
In the wake of the First World War, the lighthouse and surrounding area were fortified once again creating a defensive battery for the protection of the harbour. The battery was never put to any practical use during the war. 

Southside Road