Terry Fox Mile 0 Site


On April 12, 1980, Terry Fox dipped his artificial foot in the Atlantic Ocean off St. John's, Newfoundland, to begin his journey across Canada in aid of cancer research. His “Marathon of Hope,” a 5,373-kilometre run, or nearly a marathon per day for 143 days, on one leg, is an outstanding feat of athleticism. The many elements incorporated into the Terry Fox Mile 0 Site work together to pay tribute to Terry’s legacy, spirit and determination. These elements include a lifelike bronze sculpture of Terry dipping his foot in the water at the site where he began his Marathon of Hope in 1980; interpretive panels; interpretive landscaping; and the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada plaque, commemorating Terry Fox as a person of national historic significance. This beautiful monument is located behind the St. John's Port Authority building, 1 Water Street.

1 Water Street (behind the St. John's Port Authority building)