Envision St. John's Draft Development Regulations

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Envision St. John’s Development Regulations implement the policies of the Envision St. John’s Municipal Plan. The Regulations set out land-use zones for the entire City, with Permitted Uses and Discretionary Uses listed for each zone. The Development Regulations define various land uses and other terms; set out requirements for lot sizes, yards, building heights, and other factors; enable different types of land uses in different zones; and guide the City’s growth. Development in the City was first regulated by the St. John’s Zoning By-Law, 1955. The City’s first Municipal Plan was approved under the Urban and Rural Planning Act in 1984, with Development Regulations approved in 1985. The Envision Development Regulations, once completed, will replace the Regulations from 1994, which have been amended many times to the present.

Envision Draft Development Regulation Apendicies