Firefighter Recruitment

Firefighter Recruitment

FirefightersThe St. John’s Regional Fire Department (SJRFD) is a professional emergency response organization consisting of individuals who are dedicated to providing a high standard of service to the community we protect.

Being a firefighter is both challenging and rewarding. The job is very physically demanding and involves years of continuous education and training, however the commitment to protect the lives and property of our residents in a well-trained and professional manner certainly creates a feeling of great satisfaction.

An advisory notice for an upcoming Temporary Firefighter job competition is now posted. Applications will NOT be accepted at this stage.

It is anticipated the job competition for temporary firefighters will be posted on or near December 18, 2020. Applications will only be accepted after the job competition is posted.



Review the Firefighter Recruitment Guide for details on the required qualifications and hiring process.

Once the job competition is posted, follow the application instructions below to apply online. Completion of the Temporary Firefighter Application Form is required.

How to apply:
To apply for any position, you must have a City of St. John’s online candidate profile. Please visit the How to Apply page for details. 
How to submit the application form and other attachments:

  • Type information directly into the application form and save the completed form as a PDF file on your computer. When you are ready to apply online, submit the application form as an attachment under the 'Resume' category. Submit other scanned documents as attachments under the applicable category of 'Certificate' or 'Other'.
  • Use appropriate file names for each document you upload (i.e. IFSAC Seal, RNC Certificate, First Aid, etc.). Make sure all document scans are legible.
  • Do not correct formatting errors after you upload the application even if prompted to do so. Applications will be screened directly from the PDF attachment (in Adobe) and not the online text version.

If documentation is not attached to support all qualifications required at time of application, you will be screened out of the competition.