Repair Permits

Repair Permits

Repair permits are issued when minor work is being carried out without any structural changes taking place. Permits to repair can sometimes be issues right away but could take two to five days. All applications are received and permits issued at Inspection Services, third floor of the John J. Murphy building (City Hall annex). 

Examples of the type of work that fall under the Repair Permit category:

  • Installation of siding as long as it is not in a designated Heritage Area.
  • General repairs of property such as: Repairing steps, fences, re-paving an existing driveway, exterior painting, etc.

Any work which would entail structural changes, such as removing or replacing walls, installation of windows where there were no windows previously, etc., would require that you apply for a building permit.  See the section Renovating or Extending a House.

Any work which would change the size, shape or location of something, such as replacing a deck, replacing a fence or enlarging a driveway would require you to apply for a building permit.  See the section Decks, Fences, Sitework and Accessory Buildings

An estimate of the cost of work is required to determine the permit cost.

Please refer to the Schedule of Rates page for information on permit costs.