License Information

License Information

Residents of St. John's are required to have their pets licensed. The benefits of licensing are many and include helping to reunite owners and their pets by having a direct link to the owner's contact information at all times. This information is very important, especially if your pet is found injured and needs immediate medical attention. It could also mean less time that your pet is away from your family or in a shelter.

Purchase a License

Licenses for a cat or dog can be purchased for $15. There are many ways to renew a license:

  • Online: License your Pet
  • e-mail, or visit us in person at any one of the following locations:
    • Access St. John's, City Hall 10 New Gower Street
    • Humane Services, 81 Higgins Line
    • H.G.R. Mews Community Centre, 40 Mundy Pond Road
    • Paul Reynolds Community Center, 35 Carrick Drive


The City's Animal Control Regulation includes the following provisions:

  • Dogs shall be licensed with the City within 20 business days of acquiring the dog or within 20 business days of the dog reaching six months of age.
  • The license shall be renewed annually and the owner shall advise the City of any changes in licensing information including any change of address or contact phone number.
  • When the dog is off the owner's property, the dog shall wear a collar to which shall be attached the current license tag for the dog.
  • A license is not transferable.
  • A dog must be on a leash whenever off the owner's property.


Dog with License

For additional  information please visit Access St. John's
Call 311 or 709-754-CITY (2489)
Call Humane Services 709-576-6126 
For shelter hours of operation click here