Picture of public engagement session


“The evidence is clear: people in communities with active residents, diverse and vibrant institutions, live longer, are better off economically, are healthier and safer.”
 - Robert Putnam



The City of St. John’s recognizes that engagement between the City and its citizens is an essential component of an effective municipal government. Join the online community.
The City views public engagement as a process – one that facilitates dialogue with the right people, using the right tools, at the right time on subject areas of mutual interest.

The goals of the City’s public engagement policy are to:

  • improve/inform decision making and programming;
  • create space for everyone to feel involved and listened to;
  • share information effectively and welcome different points of view;
  • generate new ideas and solutions;
  • build trust;
  • understand the needs and priorities of the community.

Public engagement at the City of St. John’s is based on the principles of commitment, accountability, clear and timely information, and inclusiveness.

Background information on the development of the City’s public engagement framework is available in the Final Report of the Engage! St. John's Task Force.

In 2017 the City completed an evaluation of its public engagement framework, policy, and activities for the purpose of identifying opportunities, gaps, and challenges and to ascertain how these could be addressed. Twelve recommendations are presented in the Final Report.