Parking Permits

Parking Permits

Parking Permit Application

The City of St. John’s may issue a parking permit to residents of the downtown who own a vehicle and don’t have access to off-street parking. Residents may obtain one permit for each vehicle at a nominal cost of $27.50 for the year. The resident’s driver’s licence and vehicle registration must reflect the address of the street for which they are obtaining a permit to park. Exceptions can only be made with the approval of the Supervisor of Parking Services. Any lost permits may be replaced at full cost to the resident.

City Parking Lot Permits
The City of St. John's has a number of parking lots in the downtown area of the City, including the City Hall Parking Garage, where we can rent a parking space to individuals at a cost of $175 per month.

Rental of these spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis and can be purchased up to a year in advance. Permits are provided for use of these spaces which must be displayed at all times while the vehicle is parked.

Temporary Parking Permits
A temporary permit may be issued to those residents who have recently moved into the area and who have not had a chance to have their address changed on their license and/or vehicle registration. This permit is usually issued for a two-week time period. Residents must return to Access St. John's with their changed documentation to obtain a permanent parking permit.

Visitor’s Permit
The City of St. John’s may issue one visitor’s permit to each household in a Residential Permit Parking area. The cost of the visitor’s permit is $35.75 annually and can only be used on the street for which it is issued.

Contractor’s Permit
The City of St. John’s may issue to a contractor who is doing work on a residence in the Residential Parking Permit area one permit for each vehicle operated by a person doing work on a property at a cost of $27.50 per vehicle. The permit will only be issued for the duration of the construction or repairs to the residence or property they are working on.

Business Permit
The City of St. John’s may issue one parking permit to any business in the downtown area covered by the Residential Parking Permit areas which does not have access to off-street parking. These permits will cost $27.50 annually.

Any violation of the rules and regulations for any of the Residential Parking Permits may result in the revoking of the permit.

For more information please contact Access St. John's.