Street Cleaning

Street Cleaning

Street cleaning removes dirt and debris from city streets to provide an aesthetically pleasing and healthy environment as well as to protect City infrastructure as it prevents physical damage to pavement and reduces the dirt and debris going into storm sewers, thereby enhancing the quality of storm water that undergoes a treatment process.

The three separate street cleaning categories are:

  1. Streets Outside The Downtown Area (Not Scheduled)

The City of St. John's plans to sweep each street outside the downtown area at least once a year.

  1. Downtown Area (Scheduled, Night Time)

During a period determined by the Deputy City Manager of Public Works (usually the last week of April to the last week of September), the City provides a scheduled cleaning of Downtown streets on a nightly basis. Streets being cleaned have restricted parking for only those nights they are listed in the posted schedule:

  1. Individual Service Requests (Not Scheduled)

The City also provides street cleaning on a demand basis throughout the year in response to traffic or environmental related problems such as oil spills, buildup of debris at intersections and in traffic lanes which may interfere with traffic flow and conditions which may interfere with storm water flow.

For additional help, contact information or to submit a request visit Access 311.